Gena Welch

Gena Welch Booher (founder of Airedale-L) is a middle school teacher in Ocala, Florida. She has been charged with enlightening her students that there is a WIDER world than that which they have experienced so far. She is pictured here with (L to R) friends Clara (who crossed 'the bridge', 12/2001) and Trudy; and her spiritual advisor Colonel Photon (a venerable senior rescue, who crossed 'the bridge', 4/2000), Lovely Rita (in a rare pose without a toy in her mouth), and Ellie (Rita's younger sister). Gena also practices yoga, water aerobics, rides and trains horses, writes poetry and has more than a fair share of artistic talent. We at Airedale-L call her "ListMom."



Marc Lawrence is a computer support operator in Sydney,  Australia. He and his partner, Peter, have complete and  total control over their two Airedales, Monty & Maggie  (and if you believe that, I'll sell you the Sydney Harbour Bridge cheap). He's into photography, romantic dinners, walks along the beach, Piņa Coladas, and getting caught in the wait, that's a song. He is definitely *not* a morning person, though his two furkids unfortunately are.  Pictured are Marc and Monty.  You will have to guess which one is which!



'Dale Burrier

Dale Burrier is a Landscape Architect/Land Planner in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. He and his Lady, Kim, are owned by six Airedales: Tally Ho, Tailer, Taffy, Ranger, Wheezy and Allie. Dale is heavily involved with Hunting/Working, and has several titles to his Airedales' credit. Dale was a World War II fighter pilot in a previous life, and still fools around with old military planes. His website is here.


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