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The following merchants make annual donations to Airedale Terrier Rescue and Adoption,
Airedale Rescue or the Friends of Airedales Memorial Fund.

Clicking on the links below, will open a new window containing the home page of the merchant.

Roberta Sparr -
AIRElink, Illustrations of AIREDALE-L Stories and Other Fine Art
Sue Forrester -
Emma's Journey - an Airedale Novel
Jeanine Dara -
Professional Web Design and Maintenance
Faye McLeod -
Airedale (and other dog) Walking Sticks
Indus Kennels -
Airedale Pet Grooming Video
Macknyfe Specialties, Inc. -
Fine Stripping and Grooming Tools
Barbara Osgood Designs -
Hair Accessories and Prom Garters
Serendipity Airedales -
Concrete Airedales
Mrs. Bones' -
Decorative Pet Collars
Boxer Books -
Bookseller specializing in Airedale novels
Blackheath Farms -
Airedale Art
Woofer Wear -
MR. Woofer T-Shirts, Hats, Airedale Gear!
Carol Domeracki -
Anything Airedale - Airedale Arts and Crafts

THANKS to Karen Clouston for the animated Airedale graphics!

If your business should be added here, please send Airemail.

Last change made 6/16/2003