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The Airedale-L Rules

Explanation of Airedale-L Policies

How to Modify Your Subscription

  1. No commercial ads. (exception - a 3 line signature banner may contain the business name and URL)
  2. No flaming. ("flaming" means a personal attack on anyone. Saying "I disagree" is okay. Saying "You're an idiot" is not.) 3. No cross posting. ( the first LISTSERV I ever joined had this rule. I had to ask what it means, but it isn't hard not to do.) 4. Posts must be Airedale related. (what else would a list called Airedale-L be for?) 5. Don't post personal messages for one person, to the entire list. (that is why they have email) 6. Cut the chaff. In other words, don't repost entire messages that were written by someone else and you are just responding. You can just repost the lines you are responding to, which makes it much easier for everyone else to read and follow. 7. Fund raising messages must be pre approved by the listowners. (this was previously unregulated but got ridiculous. I get Airedale-L in the digest form and I would get digests with 5 fund raising messages and 4 'real' messages)

AIREDALE-L is a discussion forum for owners/fanciers of Airedale Terriers.

Absolutely anything that has anything to do with Airedales may be discussed here, such as conformation, temperament, obedience, health issues, rescue, grooming, brags, friendly chat, etc. This, however, is NOT a place for flame wars, negative comments or overt promotions about specific judges or breeders, or "commercials for products or services.  Use of this List for 'advertising' not only goes against our contract with our emailing host site,, but is also considered to be misuse of a captive audience, and is in poor taste!  Exception: use of a short 'tag' or signature file of no more than 2 or 3 lines of text. This is OK even if the service or product is not strictly Airedale-related.

Litter announcements are welcome, but attempts to use the list to sell the puppies are not.

Remember that we have many different kinds of people on the list, from the novice to the person who has been "in Airedales" for many years.

When questions are posed that you choose to respond to, please legitimize the questions by answering honestly and kindly. Remember, you may not know the entire situation based on the note that was posted. The Owners' "Prime Directive" is "Educate--don't Alienate--or, Teach--Don't Preach!" If you read something that makes you angry, remember that ignorance *is* a reason, if not an excuse, and re-read what you have written before you send it.
Humor is very welcome on this list (Hey! We all love Airedales--how could it be any other way?) However, we do ask that you limit topics to things specific to Airedales. Since we do not have designated topics on this list, you may write about whatever you choose--as long as it relates to Airedales. (The exception to this would be a wild, humorous threads generated by the List community. "Proper" or not, Listowners feel that humorous threads generated on the List help to build a sense of community.)
Please be clear in your subject line, so that folks not interested in your topic can skip over it if they are pressed for time. Along the same lines, if you are following a "thread" and the subject has changed along the way, please change your subject line accordingly!
Owners of this list are Gena Welch Booher <> and Marc Lawrence <> and Dale Burrier <>.
Our job is to maintain and modify list parameters, deal with error messages from the server, and moderate the list if someone is sending inappropriate messages, etc. This alone keeps us very busy!
If your email address changes, please let Gena or Marc know, because they can change it with less 'steps' than you can.   If you need to otherwise modify YOUR account with Airedale-L, we ask that you do it yourself if at all possible. Please save or print this message so that if you need to go to DIGEST or NOMAIL, etc., you can do so on your own. Please be mindful that it may take awhile for requests for assistance to be answered, as each of the List Owners works full time, and so on.

The LISTSERV server which powers the List is now set to automatically delete subscribers who have repeated problems which interfere with delivery of mail from the list. IF you have AOL email, unfortunately there may be frequent problems receiving list mail. There is not much we ListOwners can do to help that -- AOL helpdesk people will tell you to contact us, but that is a futile task.  We can do nothing to help AOL subscribers when there are problems.

The Rules
1. Teach, Don't Preach -or- Educate, Don't Alienate! Remember that subscribers are at every conceivable level of expertise with Airedales, or with dogs in general. They come to the more experienced people on the list for answers--NOT for ostracism and derision.
2. Please edit any non-pertinent text when replying to messages. Those who are on DIGEST setting, particularly, do not need to wade through an entire lengthy message again, if you are posting in reply to one line or a single paragraph of a long message.
3. On the other hand, leave enough of a message you are replying to that readers can understand what *your* comments pertain to.
4. If you are merely congratulating someone, or any other kind of message that really only has meaning to the original sender, please reply by private email. Everyone does not need to know that *you* are sending congrats or condolences to an individual.  On the other hand, such messages are often more meaningful if they are sent/receieved privately rather than made public.  This is a high-volume list, and replying to sender only, unless your reply would be of interest to the list as a whole, will help busy listmembers manage their mail.
5. The owners reserve the right and WILL place members who are unreasonable or rude to other members on REVIEW status, or delete them from the list. When ADMIN posts are sent regarding list policy or asking that a thread be modified or stopped, choosing to stir the situation up further IS cause to be placed on REVIEW or to be removed from the List. We do consult one another on these issues, along with several longtime list members--and we stand by our policy that Airedale-L is for ALL Airedale owners. We feel that the novice owner is the one that needs the MOST assistance; all questions need to be answered with a mindfulness that even the most basic questions deserve to be answered with respect! (after all, the person asking the question wants to learn!)   Discussion must remain civil at all times. Diverse opinions are welcomed, but must at the same time be expressed AS OPINIONS not as the ULTIMATE TRUTH  When discussing opinions, discuss the opinion, not the 'person'!
6. Please do not send any form of graphic file to the List. If you have graphics files that you would like to share, please announce to the list that you have them, and take requests via private email. A wonderful way to share photos is by way of photosharing sites, which are numerous and often free of charge.
7. Please limit yourself to Airedale-related topics. Humorous threads generated within the List community are welcomed; however, posting of cute jokes that are currently circulating around the 'Net is not.
Now for the VERY IMPORTANT, though dry, stuff:

How to Modify Your Subscription
Please save the following for future reference, especially if you are not familiar with LISTSERV. This might look like a waste of disk space now, but in 6 months you will be glad you saved this information when you realize that you cannot remember what lists you are subscribed to, or what is the command to leave the list to avoid filling up your mailbox while you are on vacations. In fact, you should create a new mail folder for subscription confirmation messages like this one, and for the "welcome messages" from the list owners that you will occasionally receive after subscribing to a new list.
To send a message to all the people currently subscribed to the list , just send mail to AIREDALE-L@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM. This is called "sending mail to the list", because you send mail to a single address and LISTSERV makes copies for all the people who have subscribed. This address (AIREDALE-L@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM) is also called the "list address". You must never try to send any command to that address, as it would be distributed to all the people who have subscribed.
All commands must be sent to the "LISTSERV address", LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM.
It is very important to understand the difference between the two; fortunately it is not complicated.
The LISTSERV address is like a FAX number, and the list address is like a normal phone line. If you make your FAX call someone's regular phone number by mistake, it will be an unpleasant experience for him but you will probably be excused the first time. If you do it regularly, however, he will probably get upset and send you a nasty complaint. It is the same with mailing lists, with the difference that you are calling hundreds or thousands of people at the same time, so a lot more people get annoyed if you use the wrong number.
You may leave the list at any time by sending a "SIGNOFF AIREDALE-L" or UNSUBSCRIBE AIREDALE-L command to LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM.
You can also tell LISTSERV how you want it to confirm the receipt of messages you send to the list. If you do not trust the system, send a "SET AIREDALE-L REPRO" command and LISTSERV will send you a copy of your own messages, so that you can see that the message was distributed and did not get damaged on the way.
(I have set up the list to do the above without any action from you.)
After a while you may find that this is getting annoying, especially if your mail program does not tell you that the message is from you when it informs you that new mail has arrived from AIREDALE-L. If you send a "SET AIREDALE-L ACK NOREPRO" command, LISTSERV will mail you a short acknowledgment instead, which will look different in your mailbox directory. With most mail programs you will know immediately that this is an acknowledgment you can read later. Finally, you can turn off acknowledgments completely with "AIREDALE-L NOACK NOREPRO".
Here are some other commands you will find useful. For all of them, you must send email to LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM. Leave the subject line blank and put the appropriate command in the body of the message. Do not type anything after the commands. If you have a signature file, disable that feature before sending your message or your commands may not take effect.
Type only the words that are not enclosed in parentheses.
(You will stop receiving each message at the time it is sent to the List, and instead you will receive a daily log from the List containing all the individual messages. This command will not effect your ability to send messages. You will still be able to post at any time.)
(You will resume receiving individual messages instead of the daily log)
(Temporarily suspends your subscription while you are on vacation, busy, etc. This command may also be used to postpone delivery of digests.
Please do not use this option indefinitely. Unsubscribe if you are no longer interested in receiving AIREDALE-L mail)
(Resumes your temporarily suspended mail, whether individual or digests)
(Some subscribers use mail programs that only show AIREDALE-L as the sender of any message to the List. Since people are notorious about not signing their names to their messages, this can cause a lot of confusion in trying to decide who is saying what, and can make it impossible to send mail privately. If you send this command to LISTSERV, it will duplicate key elements of the original message within the message itself so it is apparent who sent it)
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LIMITS OF LIABILITY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
By continuing to receive messages from AIREDALE-L you agree to hold
Gena Welch, list owner, Karl Broom, Chuck Shaddoway, and Dale Burrier, list co-owners,
or Apple, owner of the system at which the list resides, harmless for opinions expressed on this mailing list. The opinions expressed in this unmoderated mailing list do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the list administrators.
If you cannot accept these terms, unsubscribe NOW.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> A WORD OF WARNING <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
I cannot guarantee that your mail to the list will not be forwarded, but if you find out that it has been forwarded without your permission by a list member, I will remove that list member.
In summary, be kind to one another and enjoy!

Explanation of Airedale-L Policies
A few people have questioned the policies of Airedale-L. The following explains why our policies are as they are:
Airedale-L is a privately owned discussion list intended to foster communication about Airedales. The list owners have developed policies for the purpose of keeping the quality of communication on the list consistently high. They are not designed to make everyone happy all the time. List policies have been well thought out by the list owners and a committee of trusted advisors, who are long term members of Airedale-L.
The List Owners welcome constructive suggestions on how to improve communication on Airedale-L, but have the authority to decide what is and what is not appropriate.
One or two have suggested that Airedale-L should be a forum for free speech. It is not. Our focus and 'binding tie' is the Airedale Terrier. The Internet is wide open and there is plenty of space for all to legally speak freely-even hate groups, porn sites, spammers, tasteless jokers--and even animal abusers.. What you post to Airedale-L is subject to our List rules and guidelines. If you feel the rules on Airedale-L are too restrictive, there are many other Lists that may be more to your taste.
We do not permit the types of posts discussed below. Doing any of these things once will probably result in a warning. Doing it twice will probably get you placed on "review" status. This means that a list owner will read every message you send before it is approved for posting to the list. If your message does conform to List guidelines we will then approve it and post it to the List. Arguing about our policies and guidelines if you are on REVIEW status will be counterproductive.
"Flaming" (personal attacks on list members, owners or others) is not permitted. If you disagree with someone, okay. Go ahead and say so, and state why. Feel free to give your opinion and back it up with facts if you can. Saying that someone is stupid or calling them unkind names is not appropriate. Some of our members have (or 'do') belong to other lists that have little else but bickering going on. Airedale-L List Owners to not wish to see that sort of traffic, nor do the other 650+ members of Airedale-L.
Posting of copyrighted material is not permitted. Please do not post copyrighted material, or post to solicit copyrighted material.  It is not acceptable to post that you have scanned a photo from a magazine and ask who would like the jpg sent to them. That is clearly a copyright violation!  (Yes, we know people do this all the time, because it is 'easy'... but that does not make it OK.)
Cross-posting (sending identical posts to more than one List) and forwarding from other Lists fall somewhere between "frowned upon" and "not permitted" unless you have personally substantiated the information. Cross-posting to or from other lists is considered rude. Forwarding from other Lists violates the original author's copyright. Every post on Airedale-L is owned by its original author, and should not be forwarded or cross-posted (in whole or in part) without the author's expressed permission.  There have been situations on our own Airedale-L in which people have forwarded posts without intending to cause harm, and harm has been caused.  If you wish to forward, please just ask the author of the post for permission. Most will give it, and appreciate having been asked!
We do not permit "Me too" messages unless you have additional information to add to the discussion. For example: "I agree that dogs should be fed twice a day because my vet told me it reduces the chances of bloat." adds additional information. However, a message simply stating "My vet says the same thing." takes up bandwidth and adds nothing.
If you would simply like to post an affirmation, do it by private email. Don't be surprised if you make a friend or two this way.
If you would like to brag that your dog has made achieved a championship, produced a litter, or to announce that you've lost a beloved pet, you are welcome to do that on Airedale-L.  (..and if you do brag, you may be surprised to receieve a bunch of privately emailed messages cheering you on! )
Along these same lines, "Congratulations" and "Condolences" on previously posted situations should be private matters. We do not mean to discourage these messages, but they are more appropriate for private emails than for the List. None of us REALLY wishes to read SIX HUNDRED messages that say "Congratulations to Phydeaux for winning her CD". If you are Phydeaux's trainer, you probably would welcome all of them, but the rest of us do not have time to sort through all of those messages to find the things we do want to read.
We do not permit commercial advertisements. If you would like to use a signature line that includes the name of your company and a link to your web site, that is okay. Please limit these trailers to two or three lines.
If you've found a great deal on dog food and would like to share it with the list, that is okay. But, if that same great deal is at your own store, then is a commercial advertisement and it is not permitted.
All posts on Airedale-L should be Airedale related. Airedales are dogs (although superior to all other dogs) so if it is dog related, it can also be Airedale related if of interest to Airedale owners. Posts of interest to many, that relate directly to members of the Airedale-L community, are appropriate as well.  (and... sometimes zany threads are born within the community which stray away from ourDales a bit. That kind of thread is okay, too)
We love funny dog stories, but this list is for Airedale stories. We have chosen a breed that generates far, far more entertaining stories than many of the ones passed around the Internet... so please don't post 'pass-around' stories.  Most dog jokes that circulate on the Internet are inappropriate for Airedale-L and have probably been received by many Listmembers already. Please send your jokes by private email, to those individuals whom you know will most appreciate them..
Gena Welch Booher - Airedale-L Owner

Marc Lawrence - Airedale-L Co-Owner

Dale Burrier - Airedale-L Co-Owner